2022 Public Radio Super-Regional Meeting General Session Recordings

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2022

Demystifying Equity, Diversity & Inclusion & Leveraging Your Platform as Public Media Leaders

The national (re)awakening around race and racism of 2020 ignited a deeper conversation about what it truly means to be an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization. Since then, countless organizations have developed DEI committees, founded IDEA boards, and implemented DEIJ action plans. Though a myriad of organizations have taken noteworthy steps to advance equity, many still don’t quite know how to tell their stories. In this energizing keynote, we will discuss how you, as public media leaders, have an opportunity to leverage your platform and demystify what it means and takes to operationalize the many letters involved in developing inclusive workplaces.

Dr. Dwinita Mosby Tyler, Founder and Chief Catalyst, The Equity Project

Managing Through Resistance: Insights on DEI: Lunch with NPR

Hear from NPR President and CEO John Lansing about NPR's key strategic priority to "Diversify Our Audience to Reflect, Serve, and Inspire America." Then join a conversation with other leaders across the network about how to advancemeaningful inclusion in public media in the face of historic and present-day exclusion. We’ll talk about obstacles to this work, and hear how to work through the challenges in your organization and our industry that have slowed long-overdue change.

John F. Lansing, President and CEO, NPR
Keith Woods, Chief Diversity Officer, NPR
A. Rima Dael, CEO, WSHU
Jennifer Dorian, President and Chief Executive Officer, WABE
Sachi Kobayashi, Public Media for All


Oblique Strategies: Six Ideas For Creating an Audience-First Public Service Vision to Meet This Moment

When led by a compelling vision, the future isn’t murky or scary—it is exciting and full of opportunity–but it requires a growth mindset to think and act differently. In this conversation, GBH Executive Editor Lee Hill and public radio veteran and Magnificent Noise Co-founder Eric Nuzum discuss three ideas each that public radio leaders can embrace today to be better prepared for tomorrow.

Eric Nuzum, Co-founder, Magnificent Noise
Lee Hill, Executive Editor, GBH News Boston

The Future Has Arrived. So, What’s Next? Lunch with CPB

Events of the past two years have accelerated public media’s need to deepen its efforts in journalism, intensify its commitments to DEI, and expand its buildout of digital infrastructure. Join CPB’s SVP of Radio, Journalism and CSG Services Kathy Merritt in a panel discussion featuring Rachel Hubbard, executive director for KOSU, Caryn Mathes, president of Puget Sound Public Radio and GM of KUOW, and Nico Leone, president and CEO of KERA on how public media is responding to a constantly changing environment and setting a course for the future.

Kathy Merritt, Senior VP for Radio, Journalism, and CSG Services at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Rachel Hubbard Executive Director, KOSU
Caryn Mathes President and General Manager, KUOW, Puget Sound Public Radio
Jacquie Gales Webb Vice President, Radio, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Nico Leone President and CEO, KERA

In Remembrance

A tribute to those lost since our 2019 meeting

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Produced by Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES, CED at Event Solutions Management